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Our expert technicians provide preventive maintenance and HVAC repair as a cost-effective way to manage your air conditioning and utility bills. If we can fix your air conditioner first, we’ll advocate for that rather than an outright replacement. 

Sometimes your older system is too outdated, and the cost of repairing your old system is more than the cost of installing a new HVAC system. In these circumstances, we will provide affordable options for a new HVAC system within your budget.

Air Conditioning

Installation for New Construction

If you’re building a new home or business, we install high-efficiency air conditioning units with robust manufacturer’s warranties. Our twice-annual preventive maintenance checks make sure your units stay under warranty. 

A preventive maintenance program saves you money over the time you own your property thanks to longer lifespans for the units and lower utility bills that come with improved efficiency.

HVAC Master

Preventive Maintenance Program

HVAC Master focuses on twice-annual preventive maintenance checks on your air conditioner. We clean vital parts to ensure your air conditioning runs properly. Our technicians look at the wiring to ensure all electrical connections are strong. We clean around the outdoor condenser unit, look for corrosion, and check coolant levels. We’ll also replace your furnace filter up to four times per year.

At just $200 per year for one system, HVAC maintenance saves money over time. Consider that a typical service call is around $140 to replace a capacitor in your unit’s electrical system. If you have a breakdown during the summer, an emergency call can run you multiple hundreds of dollars.

Plus, you receive a 15% discount on parts and labor through our preventive maintenance program. If you need repairs or a replacement, you receive priority service as part of this program. It’s our job to keep air conditioning repairs as cost-effective for you as possible.

Our techs will do the following:

our promise

Service Before Sales

Our goal is to stop breakdowns before they become an issue. That’s our Service Before Sales promise. We’ll perform necessary repairs to get your existing air conditioner in top shape before we suggest an outright replacement.

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