Commercial Heating

Commercial Furnace

Efficient Winter Heating

You need your commercial furnace to work at peak efficiency during southwest Missouri’s chilly winters. A well-maintained heating system makes your building comfortable for employees and customers alike.


Maintenance for Efficiency

A well-running furnace saves you money on your utility bills. Our expert technicians examine your furnace, ascertain if any improvements need to be made, and suggest a solution to make sure your system runs at optimum levels. 

Rick Lowe has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He and his highly trained staff can efficiently diagnose a problem before recommending the most cost-effective solution available.

Service Before sales

Preventive Maintenance Program

HVAC Master is dedicated to the principle of Service Before Sales. We check your system twice per year as part of an annual maintenance program. If our team discovers any anomalies, we strive to repair your commercial furnace first before suggesting an outright replacement. Our techs treat you with honesty and integrity while providing affordable solutions for your HVAC problems.

Our preventive maintenance program will identify and repair emerging problems, such as aging fan motors, loose wires, damaged relays, or degraded heating elements that could eventually lead to a breakdown. Our expert techs look at the filter, coils, and burners for any signs of inefficiencies. We’ll also clean your furnace as part of this program. If our techs find anything that needs repair, we’ll suggest the most affordable and effective solution.

Our techs will do the following:

Hvac Master

Installation & Replacement

Planning to construct a commercial building? A new commercial furnace installed by HVAC Master can help lower your utility bills, make your employees and customers more comfortable, and improve the indoor air quality of your building. Our commercial installations include but are not limited to zone systems, retrofits, and boiler startups.

Our technicians may examine your current furnace and determine that it will cost more money to repair and replace parts versus installing a new system. Our team replaces your old commercial furnace while minimizing interruptions and hassles.

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Contact HVAC Master for commercial furnace maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement. We also offer 24-hour emergency service if your furnace breaks down suddenly and you need repairs immediately.