Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

Keep Customers and Workers Cool

HVAC Master keeps your customers and employees cool during hot Missouri summers. Our annual maintenance program identifies potential problems before they become critical failures when it’s 95 degrees outside.

Hvac Master

Fixing First

Our technicians look over the condensers, refrigerant levels, electrical lines, motors, and all moving parts to ensure everything is working at optimum levels. If there are any warning signs, we’ll tell you and explain what’s amiss. We’ll give you an accurate appraisal of your air conditioning system.

We always err on the side of repairing first before suggesting a replacement. Honesty and integrity are a part of our core philosophy: Service Before Sales. You can trust us to give you an honest appraisal of your air conditioning system when we look at it.

Service Before sales

Repair & Preventive Maintenance

Rick Lowe and his highly trained team identify possible problems before they become complete breakdowns. We know how to find electrical problems, short circuits, frayed wires, low refrigerant levels, warped fan blades, or corroded connections. We may find that a $50 part could eliminate the need for a replacement that could cost you thousands.

Our maintenance inspections give you peace of mind that we’ll catch any possible repairs in the spring before the heat increases in the summer. This gives you plenty of time to get your system fixed before it runs more often when June arrives. We emphasize repairs over replacement, but there may be instances when our techs recommend a replacement air conditioner.


Installation & Replacement

Are you planning a new commercial development or building? You need a top-notch commercial air conditioning system installed from the start. 

HVAC Master works with the building’s designers to determine the best possible unit for your building, taking into account the architecture, ductwork, layout, and building size. We’ll come up with an efficient system to install in your new building.

HVAC Master takes care of your older air conditioning and condensers if it’s time for a replacement. Systems approaching 30 years old may need something completely new, but that’s not necessarily the case with every building we see. Our team finds every reason NOT to replace your air conditioning before we recommend an entirely new air conditioner. We specialize in zone systems and retrofits.

Contact HVAC Master

At HVAC Master, our motto is Service Before Sales. Contact us, and we’ll come out to your place of business and take a look at your air conditioning system. If you need service today, we always give you a complete quote before we start work.